Travel Inspiration


You’ve booked! You’re excited. You’ve posted about it on Instagram. But first, before you go, there’s a few things to achieve before the fun begins. Trust us, this will lighten the load before you’ve even started to pack. These are our tips on Important Things to do Before you Travel for the First Time.
1. Make Copies of Important Documents
Whether you want to save paper or travel with a binder. Take screen shots of your travel docs and passport. Get photocopies and leave them with friends or family. 

2. Call Your Bank
You don’t want to get denied trying to pay for that Michelin Star dinner in Paris because you forgot to activate your credit card. Or more importantly you can’t book a train or accommodation.

3. Tell Australia You’re Travelling
Alright, that’s a little intense. But seriously, Smart Traveller is a website designed to register where you’ll be travelling in case, well, there’s a national emergency.

4. Clean Your Room
Not to sound like your mother, but you’ll thank us when you come home after backpacking across South America to a nice clean, fresh house. 

5. Make A Check List
This will help you be more organised than you’ve ever been. Even if you’re not a list person, we’ve started it for you.

What would be on your checklist? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.