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International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on March 8th and we’re looking to empower women across the globe. 

Women around the world play an extremely significant role in the travel and tourism industry. Today is International Women’s Day and we are celebrating by highlighting, what we think, are some of the best areas to visit as a female adventure traveller.


This exotic Caribbean isle is perfect for all types of travellers due to its amazing diversity. For those who want to relax on the beach with a cocktail in their hands (best mojitos in the world come from Cuba), to those adventurous types who want to explore the national parks all over the country to those who just want to wander through the scenic cobblestone city streets, Cuba is one of the most unique destinations to visit. Full of rum, cigars, music and old cars,  Cuba can satisfy all of your needs

Let Bamba whisk you away for the trip of a lifetime:

Price per person: AUD1430
Minimum number of passengers: 1


Ah Morocco, full of Arabian dreams, spiced coffee and majestic scenery. Picking up popularity for visitors due to it’s picture perfect Instagram locations this intoxicating country includes vibrant mosaic’d marketplaces, dramatic camel rides into the never-ending red deserts, charming beach towns and flavourful, perfectly spiced cuisine. Trek through the mountains or spend a night under the stars in a traditional camp, no matter what adventure you’re looking for Morocco will surely provide an experience never forgotten.

Explore this exotic destination with Bamba:

Price per person: AUD970
Minimum number of passengers: 1


The most popular country to visit in South America, Peru has a mix of deserts, beaches, jungles, mountains and the ever popular ruins (like the famous Machu Picchu). It’s a destination bucket list for a lot of people and with good reason. Plenty to see and do across the country, from walking the traditional Inca trek, to soaring over the majestic Nazca Lines to sea kayaking off the coast. Just one note beware of the llamas, they like to photo bomb!

Take on one of the toughest treks around:

Price per person: AUD980
Minimum number of passengers: 1


If you are unable (or unwilling) to spend the money on the traditional train journey in Western Canada there are tons of alternatives available for the single female traveller who wants to see the breathtaking sights that is Canada. Best time of year to visit is the Summer due to the long days and temperate weather plus there are tons of outside adventure activities to enjoy. Watch whales breach, kayak through clear blue lakes, hike through awe-inspiring scenery, enjoy maple taffy, let Canada fulfill all your adventure dreams.

Let Moose Travel help you enjoy the best of Canada:

Base price per person: AUD873
Minimum number of passengers: 1


With some of the most famous Maya archaeological sites (Chitchen Itza), some of the best food in Central America (pollo con mole for the win!) and natural wonders around every corner Mexico is a traveller’s dream. With just a basic smattering of Spanish you can explore the country to your hearts content, tasting and exploring across this diverse Latin America country, from the infamous Tijuana to the colonial Mexico City to the laid back Mayan riviera. Come and fall in love with Mexico!

Let Bamba entice your taste buds:

Price per person: AUD1300
Minimum number of passengers: 1

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