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Amsterdam Bike Tour


On this tour, starting at our meeting point in central Amsterdam, we will cycle through this beautiful and culturally fascinating city for approximately three hours. On your loop, your guide will teach you about Amsterdam’s history and how a single company brought this once small and relatively young European city to its current wealth, power and prominence, as well as about Amsterdam's famously liberal culture and policies concerning sex and drugs. All of these experiences and stories will be coloured by your guide’s own unique personality, ensuring that the tour will be entertaining, informative, and genuine. Guides are encouraged to be themselves and speak from the heart, not a script. Truly learn about the real Amsterdam in a unique way, straight from the mind of a local. No guide is the same and no tour is the same. If time allows, the tour will include a stop at one of Amsterdam’s many pubs for a drink and a look at the city’s flourishing bar culture before returning to the starting point of your journey.

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