A Baja California Sur Odyssey 5D/4N

Embark on an enchanting 5-day escapade across the serene cityscapes and wild marine realms of Baja California Sur.

Revel in historic La Paz, snorkel by the pristine Isla Espíritu Santo, and commune with majestic whales.

Tour Highlights

  • Wander historic La Paz, explore artisanal wonders and bask on pristine Playa Balandra.
  • Dive into Isla Espíritu Santo’s azure depths, befriend sea lions, and lounge on sandy shores.
  • Witness majestic whales up close in Bahía Magdalena’s marine sanctuary on an intimate tour.
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Tour Information


  • - 4 nights accommodation in the enchanting city of La Paz, with breakfast
  • - Transport included
  • - 4 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches
  • - Expert local guides enriching your expeditions with anecdotes and insights
  • - Handy extras and accessories


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Day 1: Arrival & La Paz Embrace

As your plane touches down, the allure of La Paz beckons.

Our representative will meet you at the airport and whisk you away to your hotel, offering the first glimpses of this jewel by the Sea of Cortez.

Check in, unwind, and perhaps explore the nearby attractions at your leisure, allowing the subtropical evening to envelop you in anticipation.

Day 2: Historical & Coastal Wonders of La Paz

Begin your day with a culinary introduction to local flavours at your hotel.

Sated, you’ll delve into La Paz’s heritage, strolling through the old town, pausing at illustrious buildings like the ancient town hall and the resplendent Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de La Paz. Explore the regional museum and artisans’ hub, breathing in the creativity that suffuses the city’s air.

Post-historical infusion, Playa Balandra awaits with its iconic Balandra Mushroom and crystalline shallows perfect for paddling and marine life encounters.

Later, at Playa El Tecolote, bask in the sun and sample regional cuisine with the sea lapping melodies at your feet until you return to La Paz, cradling memories like seashells.

Day 3: Idyllic Isla Espíritu Santo Expedition

Feed your adventurous spirit with a breakfast at the hotel before venturing beyond the city limits. Your destination: Isla Espíritu Santo, a sanctuary at sea where nature’s opus unfolds.

Aboard your boat, the island’s whimsical creatures welcome you — laughing sea lions, exuberant avian lives, and lush coralline realms.

Snorkel in an aquatic dance with nature before alighting on the sandy theatres of Playa Ensenada Grande. Here, relish a seaside lunch, toes wriggling in warm sand, serenaded by the gentle tides until you navigate back to La Paz, carrying the sun’s golden gleam in your heart.

Day 4: Whale Whisperer Voyage

Your morning commences with an appetising breakfast in anticipation of an unforgettable journey across diverse ecosystems. From La Paz, you’ll be transported through the rugged beauty of Baja, from the azure Sea of Cortés to the might of the Pacific. As the landscape unfolds, Bahía Magdalena emerges—a haven where the grey whales congregate, completing one of nature’s most awe-inspiring voyages.

As you step onto the panga, the anticipation heightens. These modest yet seaworthy vessels allow for a respectful and intimate encounter with the ocean’s gentle giants. For two glorious hours, the spectacle of whale watching captivates your senses; these magnificent creatures, reaching up to 16 meters and weighing as much as 35 tonnes, glide gracefully beneath the waves. Witness their splendour as they breach, frolic, and nurture their young—a true testament to nature’s wonders.

After the exhilarating experience, a delicious, traditional meal at a local restaurant will be a feast for your taste buds, offering regional delicacies that draw inspiration from both land and ocean. With a satisfied palate, you’ll embark on your serene drive back to La Paz, each kilometre carrying the day’s magic and your spirit soaring with every memory.

Day 5: Farewell & Flight

The final day dawns with a hotel breakfast and contemplative moments before your transfer to La Paz Airport.

Depart with a heartful of memories.