Baja Bliss & Cultural Charms: La Paz Extravaganza 5D/4N

Prepare for an enthralling 5-day adventure in La Paz, as you soak in the artistic streets, unwind on pristine beaches, and embark on aquatic escapades.

Experience the cultural tapestry of the city, the natural wonder of Espiritu Santo Island, and the captivating charm of Los Cabos.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore La Paz’s historical heart and artisan centres
  • Wander the iconic mushroom-shaped Balandra and bask on Tecolote beach
  • Marvel at Espiritu Santo’s wildlife and snorkel with sea lions
  • Witness Los Cabos’ famous arch on a glass-bottom boat tour
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Tour Information


  • - 4 nights accommodation with breakfast in La Paz.
  • - Transport included
  • - 4 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches
  • - Professional and knowledgeable local guides for each tour.
  • - Handy extras and accessories


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Day 1: Arrival in La Paz - Gateway to Adventure

As your plane touches down and the Baja sun greets you, a dedicated vehicle awaits to whisk you away to your first destination—the welcoming abode that will be your retreat in La Paz. Day one is all about unwinding from your journey and settling into the rhythm of this serene city. As the hotel staff provide a warm welcome, settle into your room and take in the views.

The day is at your leisure, offering the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with La Paz’s tranquil streets, sample local cuisine, or simply relax by the hotel pool. Rest up, for tomorrow your Baja exploration begins in earnest.

Day 2: La Paz City Charms and Serene Beachfront Wonders

As morning light floods your room, begin your day with a delightful breakfast at the hotel, fuelling up for the excitement ahead. Your exploration commences with a pick-up between 09:30 and 10:00 am, leading you on an enchanting city tour that delves into the rich tapestry of La Paz’s cultural and historical landmarks.

Venture through the charming streets of the city centre, where each corner whispers stories of the past. Marvel at the grandeur of the Catedral de La Paz, discovering the city’s spiritual heritage amidst its neoclassical splendour. Engage with local artisans and their crafts, encapsulating the spirit of Baja California Sur at the Centro de Artesanías Sudcalifornianas—a treasure trove of regional artistry.

Next, journey to the famed Playa Balandra, where the soft, white sands and tranquil, crystal-clear waters invite you to embrace the natural beauty of this protected area. Here, the iconic Balandra mushroom—a rock formation sculpted by wind and waves—stands as a sentinel to the serene surroundings.

Conclude your coastal experience at Playa El Tecolote, where a restaurant lunch awaits, embellishing the seaside ambiance with local flavours. Relish in the leisurely afternoon, perhaps taking a dip in the inviting sea or resting on the beach, as you reflect on the discoveries of the day.

As the sun dips towards the horizon, your journey returns to La Paz, where another restful night in your cosy hotel beckons, the memories of the day still vivid and enchanting.

Day 3: Espiritu Santo Island Escapade

With the fresh sea air setting a refreshing tone, your day begins early after a satisfying hotel breakfast. Pickup from your hotel between 09:30 and 10:00 am ushers you into an aquatic adventure at the shimmering Sea of Cortez.

Your courteous transfer brings you to the embarkation zone, where a lancha awaits to voyage across sapphire waters to the majestic Espiritu Santo Island. Just 33 kilometres from La Paz, this island is a jewel of natural beauty, offering a kaleidoscope of red rock formations against the turquoise sea and vibrant sunsets.

The guided tour promises an intimate mingling with the island’s abundant biodiversity. In the company of playful sea lions, immerse yourself in the underwater world with provided snorkelling gear, and float alongside these marine mammals (outside the restricted months of June to August). Feast your eyes on the palette of coral reefs, multicoloured fish, and perhaps even spot some of the island’s 98 recorded bird species.

The spellbinding Ensenada Grande beach is your slice of paradise for relaxation. Here, a delicious lunch of fresh ceviche, sandwiches, and refreshing beverages will be served amidst the serene backdrop of the Sea of Cortez.

As the day unwinds and you head back to the main island, La Paz welcomes you once more with open arms. Rest and reminisce in your hotel, as the ocean’s lullabies promise yet another night of peaceful slumber.

Day 4: Los Cabos: From Artisan Villages to Iconic Arches

An energizing breakfast sets the tone for an early start; prepare for an expedition to the offbeat and the iconic. Begin your journey with a comfortable ride from La Paz as you’re greeted by the soft hues of dawn. Set off between 08:00 and 08:30 am towards the artistic haven of Todos Santos—a Pueblo Mágico that brims with creative appeal.

In Todos Santos, be enveloped by the eclectic charm of this coastal village. Discover the legendary Hotel California, its legacy entwined with music lore. Amid cobbled streets, let your curiosity lead you to hidden corners where artisan shops showcase a mosaic of local crafts and where art galleries frame the town’s vibrant spirit.

Progressing to Cabo San Lucas, world-renowned for its luxury and natural splendour, you’ll embark on a distinctive boating experience. The glass-bottom vessel offers a lens into the aquatic wonders below as you glide towards the grand Arch of Los Cabos—an emblematic rock formation guarding the seascape.

Following your maritime exploration, the culinary aromas of a local restaurant welcome you to enjoy a fulfilling meal. Relish the authentic flavours as you dine on regional cuisine, an indulgence that complements the day’s experiences.

No less captivating is San José del Cabo, where you’ll absorb the quaint beauty of its mission and plazas. Linger among the expressive art and handiwork of the Huichol people before finishing the day with a tantalizing tequila tasting—discovering the nuanced craft behind Mexico’s famous spirit (for those of age, of course).

As twilight beckons, your return drive weaves back through Todos Santos, escorting you to your La Paz lodging with a heart full of wonders and a camera full of memories. Another serene night in your hotel awaits, as the excitement of your Baja adventure steadily simmers into dreams.

Adiós La Paz - Departure Day

Wake to the warm Baja light one last time and enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your hotel. Today, you bid farewell to the enchanting city of La Paz, carrying with you the memories of the sun-kissed beaches and the cultural treasures explored over the past days.

Take your time to pack, ensuring you leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but photos and cherished moments. Perhaps there’s a moment to sip a final cup of coffee on the terrace, gaze once more at the views that have been your backdrop, or exchange stories with fellow travellers.

When the moment comes, your transfer will be ready to ensure your journey from hotel to airport is as smooth and stress-free as the sea you’ve come to adore—rounding off your Baja Bliss with the grace it began. As your plane ascends, you’re not just leaving La Paz behind; you’re carrying a piece of it with you, promising to return to its beautiful shores again one day.