Baja California Sur: Self-drive Caravan Camping Adventure 8D/7N

Set off on a boundless journey navigating Baja California Sur’s contrasting landscapes in a self-driven, fully-kitted 4×4 campervan.

Over 8 days, indulge in artsy Todos Santos, bask in La Paz’s aquatic beauty, and dive into Cabo Pulmo’s underwater marvels, while nights under starlit skies promise tales of camaraderie.

Tour Highlights

  • Revel in the limitless freedom of a self-drive campervan
  • Art and surf in the Bohemian haven of Todos Santos
  • Dive into aquatic escapades in the enchanting La Paz
  • Explore the marine sanctuary of Cabo Pulmo National Park
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Tour Information


  • - 7 nights: 2 Nights in Los Cabos Accommodation, 5 Nights camping in equipped campervan.
  • - Transport included
  • - 7 Breakfasts, 2 Dinners
  • - Expert guide services included for orientation and throughout the self-drive tour.
  • - Handy extras and accessories


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Day 1: Los Cabos Arrival

Settle into the spirit of adventure as you touch down in the lively resort city of Los Cabos, where azure waves kiss golden sands. Here, you’ll first encounter your troupe of fellow travellers.

The evening blooms with conviviality at a welcome dinner designed to mingle, familiarize and conjure excitement for the shared voyage that awaits. Savour local flavours and toast to the start of a memorable journey.

Included Experiences:

Group welcome dinner to connect with fellow adventurers.


Day 2: Todos Santos

Awaken your senses to the coastal charm as you steer your personal 4×4 campervan towards the enchanting town of Todos Santos, an enclave of creativity. Your route is painted with desert panoramas and seascapes that captivate and beckon.

Upon arrival, meander through quaint cobblestone streets, indulge in the artistic pulse of local galleries, or unwind on the serene beaches.

As dusk gracefully greets you, your camp becomes an open-air abode amid nature’s canvas.

Included Experiences:

  • – Pick-up and briefing for your campervan adventure.
  • – Journey to the captivating Todos Santos for self-guided exploration.


Day 3: La Paz

As dawn unfurls, the anticipation builds for the day’s drive to La Paz.

Your campervan is your vessel, navigating through landscapes that showcase the raw beauty of Baja California Sur.

Arriving in La Paz, feel the embrace of a city alive with culture and coastal allure. Set up camp then lose yourself along the buzzing Malecón, a mosaic of local life and seafront energy.

Round out the day with a dip in the sea’s inviting waters, snorkel in hand, before sharing tales beneath the twilight.

Included Experiences:

Scenic self-drive experience to the coastal city of La Paz.

Day 4: La Ventana

Energetic winds ripple through La Ventana, your next stop, presenting a playground for windsurfing and kiteboarding enthusiasts. Whether a seasoned pro or eager to learn, the wind is your ally here.

For those craving tranquillity, stand-up paddleboarding offers a blissful counter. Post adrenaline surge, unwind on secluded sands or wade into the temperate waters.

As the sun dips, gather with your travel companions, sharing stories and stargazing from the comfort of your coastal camp.

Included Experiences:

  • – Opportunity for windsurfing or kiteboarding in renowned La Ventana.
  • – Paddleboarding in calm, clear waters for a serene ocean experience.

Day 5: Sierra de la Laguna

Wave goodbye to the coast as you venture into the heartland of Baja California Sur, the sublime Sierra de la Laguna.

Traverse rugged terrains where desert flora frames every trail. Here, amidst the mountain whisper, find nestled oases, a serene retreat from the arid expanse. Follow the scent of wild herbs to waterfalls cascading into crystal-clear pools, inviting a rejuvenating dip.

As the stars begin their nightly spectacle, your campsite turns into an al fresco gathering for connection and reflection by the campfire’s gentle glow.

Included Experiences:

  • – Exploration of desert trails to discover lush oases.
  • – Swimming in the cool, inviting waters of mountain-fed pools.

Day 6: Cabo Pulmo

Today’s journey descends from the mountains to the marine sanctuary of Cabo Pulmo, where biodiversity thrives beneath the waves.

Prepare for an aquatic ballet as you snorkel or dive amongst schools of vivid fish and coral gardens. The sea here is a treasure trove of ecological wonders, offering encounters with graceful sea turtles and perhaps a dolphin or two.

As the ocean adventure concludes, let the untouched beaches coax you into relaxation before a campfire-lit evening under the cosmos completes your day.

Included Experiences:

  • – Snorkelling or diving in the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.
  • – Time at leisure to enjoy Cabo Pulmo’s pristine beaches and village ambience.

Day 7: Los Cabos

With the sun casting its early glow, steer the campervan back to the pulsating heart of Los Cabos.

This free day is yours to savour in any way you choose. Revisit your favourite spots, luxuriate on sun-drenched shores or indulge in a final adventure.

As dusk approaches, the allure of a farewell dinner calls. Gather with your fellow nomads, where laughter and tales from the week’s escapades mingle with the clinking of glasses. Celebrate the journey’s poignant moments and the kinship of the road.

Included Experiences:

  • – Free day in Los Cabos for independent exploration or relaxation.
  • – Farewell dinner to commemorate the shared adventure.

Los Cabos Departure

On this final day, the Baja sun ascends to greet you one last time.

Relish the morning’s tranquillity, reflecting on a voyage filled with discovery, adventure, and friendship. As you pack away your belongings, share heartfelt goodbyes and embrace your fellow travellers, promising to carry the spirit of your shared journey forward.

Departing from Los Cabos, you leave with a trove of memories, moments captured in time, ready to inspire the next chapter of your wanderlust-filled life.

Included Experiences:

Final morning to exchange farewells with your group.