Baja Coastal Wonders: La Paz to Los Cabos Experience 7D/6N

Dive into the heart of Baja California Sur with a luxurious 7-day voyage from the tranquil beauty of La Paz to the exuberant sophistication of Los Cabos.

Relish the historic charm, immerse yourself in diverse marine ecosystems, and unwind in lavish all-inclusive accommodations along the sun-kissed shores.



Tour Highlights

  • Delve into La Paz’s historic centre and blissful beaches of Balandra and El Tecolote.
  • Snorkel alongside sea lions in crystalline waters framed by stunning landscapes.
  • Witness the grandeur of grey whales in the serene Bahía Magdalena.
  • Explore the Pueblo Mágico of Todos Santos and the stunning Arch at Land’s End
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Tour Information


  • - 4 nights accommodation in La Paz & 2 nights accommodation in Los Cabos
  • - Quality Transport included
  • - 6 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 1 Dinner
  • - Expert guides for an enriched travel experience on all tours
  • - Handy extras and accessories


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Day 1: La Paz Welcome: Serenity Begins

Upon your arrival at La Paz Airport, feel the warm Mexican sun on your skin and the anticipation of adventure in the air. A comfortable transfer awaits to whisk you away to your hotel where the first chapter of your unforgettable journey unfolds. As you move through the bustling streets, glimpses of the azure Sea of Cortez and the laid-back ambience of La Paz beacon.

Check into your hotel and relax into the comforts of your room, perhaps take a leisurely stroll to acquaint yourself with the local area. Soak up the tranquil atmosphere as the day winds down, and get ready for the exciting days that lie ahead. Spend the evening at your leisure, perhaps indulging in some authentic Mexican cuisine or simply embracing the serenity that La Paz offers. Rest up for the adventures that await as your journey through this slice of paradise has just begun.

Day 2: La Paz Cultural Charms & Coastal Splendour

Your day begins with the warmth of the morning sun and a tantalizing breakfast at the hotel, setting you up for a day of exploration and discovery. As the clock strikes the appointed hour, prepare yourself for a cultural odyssey – the City Tour & Playas de La Paz.

Embrace the city’s soul as you weave through the historic centre, where stories are etched into every building and cobblestone street. Marvel at the architectural splendour of the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de La Paz, absorb the rich narratives within the walls of the Museo Regional, and lose yourself in the local crafts at Centro de Artesanías Sudcalifornianas. With expert guidance, uncover the treasures of La Paz’s storied past and vibrant present.

Next, the tour transcends culture as you journey towards the tranquility of Playa Balandra. The beach’s iconic mushroom-shaped rock formation, ‘El Hongo de Balandra’, stands as a sentinel to the bay’s natural grandeur. Here, feel the embrace of the white sandy beaches and wade into the shallow, crystalline waters that caress the shore – an idyllic setting for swimming, reflection, or simply unwinding under the Baja sun.

A short sojourn takes you to El Tecolote Beach, where the rhythm of the waves sets the tempo for leisure and repose. Indulge in a delightful meal at a local beachfront restaurant, sipping on refreshing beverages as the sea provides a soothing soundtrack. With your appetite satiated, the rest of the afternoon is yours to relax or explore the coastal haven further.

As the sun begins to descend, casting a golden hue over the day’s memories, you are transported back to La Paz. The evening once again belongs to you – a canvas to paint with the colours of local cuisines, strolls among the marina, or serene contemplation under the swathes of starlight.

Your second night in La Paz promises restful dreams, cradled by the day’s cherished moments and the anticipation for what’s still to come.

Day 3: Isla Espíritu Santo: An Aquatic Daydream

As dawn breaks, the serenity of La Paz is matched only by the gentle lapping of the Sea of Cortez’s waters against its shores. After enjoying a sumptuous breakfast imbued with local flavours at your hotel, prepare to embark on a nautical journey to Isla Espíritu Santo, a gem set in the sapphire-blue sea.

The excursion commences with a courteous hotel pick-up that eases you from the comfort of your accommodation to the awaiting vessel. Your heart thrums with anticipation as you set sail, the sea breeze playing with your hair and the horizon stretching endlessly before you. You’re about to explore one of the most breath-taking seascapes in the world.

The island beckons with its stunning contrasts—red-rock cliffs rising starkly against turquoise waters and skies painted in broad strokes of blue. As your guide narrates the isle’s ecological significance, your eyes feast on the vibrant palette of nature. Snorkelling gear in hand, plunge into the underwater sanctuary, where playful sea lions dart past and coral gardens teem with kaleidoscopic fish. While snorkelling may not be available during the warmer summer months of June through August, the island’s allure remains undimmed.

On the sun-kissed sands of Playa Ensenada Grande, lunch is a relaxed affair—an assortment of freshly made ceviche, sandwiches, and cool beverages that refuel the spirit. The island’s tranquillity envelops you, and time seems to stand still as you connect with nature in its purest form.

All too soon, it’s time to return to La Paz, filled with enriching experiences and memories to last a lifetime. Back at your hotel, the evening is yours to enjoy—perhaps a casual stroll along the waterfront malecón or a toast to the setting sun from a rooftop bar. Rest comes easily tonight as the gentle whispers of the sea echo the day’s delightful escapades in your dreams.

Day 4: Whale Whispers and Baja Wilderness

Awaken to the promise of an extraordinary adventure that awaits. With the sun barely peeking over the horizon, enjoy an early breakfast and prepare for a journey that will etch itself into your heart—the mesmerising whale watching tour of Bahía Magdalena.

With anticipation buzzing in the air, you are picked up from your hotel and transported across the diverse landscapes of the Baja Peninsula. From the desert’s arid embrace to the vast expanse of the Pacific, witness the dramatic contrast that defines Baja California Sur. Your destination, Bahía Magdalena, is a sanctuary where the majestic gray whales migrate annually to court, breed, and nurture their young in the sheltered lagoons.

On arrival, step aboard a panga, a local boat perfectly designed to navigate these waters respectfully and responsibly around the whales. As you venture into the lagoon, keep your eyes peeled for the tell-tale spouts of water that announce the whales’ presence. Moments later, the magic unfolds: a mother whale and her calf gliding through the water, so close you could almost reach out and touch them. Witness these colossal mammals in their natural habitat, an experience that merges exhilaration with a profound sense of connection to nature.

After this intimate dance with the whales, return to land for a hearty meal at a local restaurant. Savour the authentic flavours of Baja, where each bite seems to tell its own story of the region’s rich culinary heritage.

As the day wanes, you retreat back to La Paz with a sunset that casts a soft glow over the landscape, offering a moment of reflection on the day’s wonders. The city welcomes you back for your final night, leaving you with the evening free to enjoy at your pace. Whether you choose to explore the vibrant nightlife or rest in preparation for the next leg of your journey, the memories of the day’s profound encounters with nature will be an enduring treasure.

Day 5: Journey to the Jewels of Los Cabos

Your morning in La Paz greets you with a familiar glow as you indulge in a final breakfast, all the while the promise of a new coastal paradise beckons. Today you bid farewell to La Paz as your journey takes you to the illustrious Los Cabos, with treasures and tales awaiting along the route.

A comfortable ride escorts you southward, where pit stops are not merely pauses in travel but portals to enchanting experiences. The first gem on this sojourn is the Pueblo Mágico, Todos Santos. An artistic hotspot, Todos Santos enchants with its colonial architecture, hued facades, and a creative vivacity palpable in every corner. Perhaps most famously known for the Hotel California, it offers a narrative wrapped in mystery and music lore.

Continue the voyage to the tip of the Baja Peninsula—Cabo San Lucas. Here, you will embark on a waterborne adventure in a glass-bottom boat, offering you an extraordinary view of the sea life below as you navigate towards the iconic Arch of Los Cabos. Witness the power of nature and the majesty of the ocean as you glide by Lovers’ Beach and Divorce Beach, the stunning rock formations and the bustling marine world an arm’s reach away.

After soaking in the quintessential Los Cabos tableau, delight your palate with succulent local dishes at a chosen restaurant — an infusion of taste that complements the day’s visual spectacle.

The charm doesn’t end there, for your next stop is the town of San José del Cabo. Steeped in history yet vibrant with galleries and artisan shops, it’s a cultural feast for the senses. Before bidding the town adieu, partake in a tequila tasting experience (for those of age), learning about the craftsmanship that goes into Mexico’s most iconic spirit.

As daylight wanes and you’re filled with the vibrant impressions of the day, settle into the next phase of your journey: Los Cabos. With its all-inclusive pleasures, it’s time to immerse yourself in opulence and relaxation. The evening is yours to enjoy the resort’s multitude of offerings or take a moonlit stroll along the beach. Let the sound of waves gently lull you into the peaceful cocoon of your luxurious Los Cabos accommodation.

Day 6: Sands of Leisure: Serenity in Los Cabos

Rise to a day bound by no itinerary, no schedules to keep, and no places to be—except exactly where you desire. The allure of a day of leisure in Los Cabos stretches out before you like the endless horizon. After a refreshing night’s rest, begin the day on a savoury note with a breakfast teeming with delectable options, each more inviting than the last.

The day is yours to curate. Perhaps start with lounging by the shimmering pool, a freshly concocted cocktail in hand and a book by your side. The poolside is a dance of sun-sparkled waters and joyous laughter, a place to socialise or sink into solitary repose.

If the call of the sea is irresistible, the beach is a mere stone’s throw away. Feel the fine grains of sand beneath your feet as you stroll along the coastline, the sun a tender companion up above. Wade into the embrace of the Pacific Ocean or partake in the myriad water sports available—jet skiing, para-sailing, and more—for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

For souls seeking a sanctuary of wellness, the resort’s spa awaits to envelop you in a world of relaxation. Indulge in sumptuous treatments that ease the body and calm the mind, from massages that draw from ancestral techniques to therapies brimming with local botanicals.

As the sun arcs across the sky, the day may lead you on a culinary journey through the resort’s restaurants, each offering a unique symphony of flavours. Or maybe you’ll choose to explore the local area, discovering hidden gems in the form of boutique shops, quaint cafes, or a captivating sunset cruise.

As night falls, the resort comes alive with evening entertainment. The promise of a vibrant nightlife is there for the taking—be it live music, dance performances, or simply a tranquil nightcap under the stars. Drift off to sleep in the solace of your all-inclusive haven, where dreams of the day’s joys meld seamlessly into the anticipation for tomorrow’s final adieus.

Day 7: Adios Los Cabos: Departure Day

As the sun ushers in the start of a new day, so too comes the moment to bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes of Los Cabos. The morning is yours to embrace the beauty and leisure of the resort one last time. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast, the tastes of Mexico lingering on your palate, as you reflect on the unforgettable experiences of the past week.

Perhaps there’s a chance for one final dip in the pool, a last walk along the beach as the waves gently say their goodbyes, or simply some tranquil moments spent soaking up the Baja sun.

When it’s time to depart, your transfer to San José del Cabo Airport ensures a hassle-free conclusion to your journey. As you’re chauffeured through the scenic vistas one final time, allow the vibrant memories of city tours, majestic whales, idyllic islands, and luxurious relaxation to flood in.

At the airport, the spirit of Mexico remains with you, a heartfelt ‘adios’ echoing as you check in for your flight. With a treasure trove of memories in tow, and perhaps a few souvenirs for loved ones back home, you’ll carry the spirit of La Paz and Los Cabos with you long after the wheels of your plane lift off the tarmac.

As you ascend above the shimmering coastline, leaving the precious jewel of Baja California Sur behind, there’s a palpable sense of gratitude for the journey, the people, and the pure joy of travel.

Until next time, Mexico, stay splendid and sun-kissed.