Lima to Buenos Aires (via Pantanal) Travel Pass

Get to know the diverse cultures and rugged landscapes of Bolivia and Peru on this incredible adventure through the Andes and coastal Peru.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the capital cities of La Paz and Lima  on a guided tour
  • Stay with an indigenous family on Lake Titicaca’s floating islands
  • Trek the awe-inspiring Colca Canyon on a 3-day tour
  • Sail to the Ballestas Islands on a guided boat tour
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Tour Information


  • Lima with a Local on a Bike
  • Ballestas Islands Sightseeing Boat Ride (from Paracas)
  • Huacachina Sand-Buggy & Sand-Boarding
  • Colca Canyon Trekking 2D/1N
  • Market & Cooking Class with a Local
  • Lake Titicaca & Luquina Homestay 2D/1N
  • La Paz Local Explorer
  • Uyuni Salt Flats & Desert Adventure 3D/2N (Uyuni to Uyuni)
  • Sucre Cooking Class & Cocktail Making with a Local
  • Pantanal Adventure 4D/3N (Corumba to Bonito)
  • Argentina Iguazu Falls Day Trip (Bra to Arg)
  • Tango, Wine & Empanadas Experience


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Day 1: Lima, Peru

Bike through Lima in a fun and active way to explore the city’s enclaves while getting a sense of local character that’s all too easily missed when touring by car. Along the way we will enjoy the awesome views, parks and spots that this part of Lima has to offer.

Day 2: Paracas, Peru

Transfer from Lima to Paracas

Day 3: Paracas, Peru

Take a boat tour to see the impressive Candelabra geoglyph, Peruvian boobies, Humboldt penguins and abundant marine life at the Ballestas Islands archipelago. Visit the pristine Paracas Natural Reserve in the afternoon to see La Catedral rock formation and watch flamingos and parihuanas from a breathtaking scenic overlook.

Day 4: Huacachina, Peru

Transfer from Paracas to HuacachinaPlease make your own way to the bus station to catch your bus to Huacachina.

Day 5: Huacachina, Peru

Cruise to the top of 500 meter high sand dunes and go rocketing down the slopes in a sand buggy. Let go of your fears and sandboard down the steep sandy slopes with a few pointers from your local guide. Admire the breathtaking sunset over the vast desert landscape and take photos in the golden twilight before racing back to Huacachina.

Day 6: Nazca, Peru

Transfer from Ica to NazcaPlease make your own way to the bus station to catch your bus to Nazca.

Day 7: Nazca, Peru

Transfer from Nazca to Arequipa

Day 8: Colca Canyon, Peru

Begin with a very early morning departure from Arequipa around 3:00am to reach the Colca Canyon for breakfast and to visit the “Cruz del Condor” overlook. Trek deep into the canyon through local villages and reach your lodge for a rewarding dinner.

Day 9: Arequipa, Peru

Today, follow a steep trail up to Cabanaconde and take a bus to Chivay. Soak your sore legs in the hot springs before returning to Arequipa after a challenging, but enjoyable trip.

Day 10: Arequipa, Peru

Enjoy a free day to experience on your own

Day 11: Arequipa, Peru

Transfer from Arequipa to Cuzco

Day 12: Cuzco, Peru

Enjoy a free day to experience on your own

Day 13: Cuzco, Peru

Visit the San Pedro Market and get a little taste of local life in Cusco before walking to the cooking studio to experience a cooking class where you will learn how to prepare traditional Peruvian exquisite dishes, drinks, and a delicious dessert.

Day 14: Cuzco, Peru

Transfer from Cuzco to Puno

Day 15: Luquina, Peru

You will be picked up from your accommodation and transferred to the port of Puno to board a motorboat to the charming Uros Floating Islands and Taquile Island. Later, continue on to Luquina community to meet your host family and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Day 16: Puno, Peru

Today you will discover the daily life of the local family before heading back to Puno.

Day 17: Copacabana, Bolivia

Transfer from Puno to CopacabanaPlease make your own way to the bus station to catch your bus to Copacabana.

Day 18: La Paz, Bolivia

Transfer from Copacabana to La PazPlease make your own way to the bus station to catch your bus to La Paz.

Day 19: La Paz, Bolivia

Orient yourself in Bolivia’s sprawling capital city with ease during a sightseeing tour that’s designed with first-time visitors in mind. You’ll see both major sights and hidden gems as you visit a cemetery, meet a shaman, and explore the vertiginous neighborhood of El Alto by cable car.

Day 20: La Paz, Bolivia

Transfer from La Paz to UyuniPlease make your own way to the bus station to catch your bus to Uyuni.

Day 21: Villa Candelaria, Bolivia

Embark on a journey of a lifetime into the Uyuni Salt Flats on Day 1 and sleep overnight in a salt hotel (depending on conditions).

Day 22: Polques, Bolivia

Go deeper into the desert to see rock formations and desert landscapes with red and green-coloured lakes and native flamingos before soaking in natural hot springs in the evening.

Day 23: Uyuni, Bolivia

On your last day in the desert visit the Dali Pampas to see the landscapes that inspired this famous artist and see the Green Lagoon before returning to Uyuni, where your trip ends.

Day 24: Potosi, Bolivia

Transfer from Uyuni to PotosiPlease make your own way to the bus station to catch your bus to Potosi.

Day 25: Potosi, Bolivia

Enjoy a free day to experience on your own

Day 26: Sucre, Bolivia

Transfer from Potosi to SucrePlease make your own way to the bus station to catch your bus to Sucre.

Day 27: Sucre, Bolivia

Experience a unique Bolivian cooking class with cocktail making experience in the heart of the beautiful white city of Sucre. Enjoy cooking and eating the delicious food you make, and through food, learn more about Bolivian culture and traditions, whilst making new friends!

Day 28: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Transfer from Sucre to Santa CruzYou will be transferred to Sucre airport in time for your flight to Santa Cruz.

Day 29: Puerto Quijarro, Bolivia

Transfer from Santa Cruz to Puerto QuijarroPlease make your own way to the train station to catch your train to Puerto Quijarro.

Day 30: Corumba, Brazil

Transfer from Puerto Quijarro to Corumba

Day 31: Corumba, Brazil

Depart Corumba on a shuttle for Pantanal.

Day 32: Pantanal, Brazil

You will enjoy tons of included activities such as boat trips along the river, night safari by boat, horseback riding, fishing for Piranha, walking tours, jeep safaris, alligator spotting and canoeing.

Day 33: Pantanal, Brazil

Enjoy the activities included in your package

Day 34: Bonito, Brazil

Your journey comes to an end after your return transfer to Bonito.

Day 35: Bonito, Brazil

Enjoy a free day to experience on your own

Day 36: Campo Grande, Brazil

Transfer from Bonito to Campo GrandeYou will be picked up at your accommodation/meeting point for your shuttle transfer to Campo Grande, where you’ll be dropped off at your next accommodation/meeting point.

Day 37: Campo Grande, Brazil

Transfer from Campo Grande to Foz do IguacuPlease make your own way to the bus station to catch your bus to Foz da Iguacu.

Day 38: Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Enjoy a free day to experience on your own

Day 39: Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

A visit to the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls is a completely different experience from that of the Brazilian side, and deserves a whole days worth of your time. Walk along the man-made platforms and bridges that follow the contours of the river taking you right to the edge of the Devil’s Throat and along a 4 kilometer stretch of panoramic waterfalls.

Day 40: Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Transfer from Puerto Iguazu to Buenos AiresPlease make your own way to the bus station to catch your bus to Buenos Aires.

Day 41: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Enjoy a free day to experience on your own

Day 42: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Learn the most important places in the history of tango and the neighborhood where the culture and identity began! Furthermore, experience a personalized tango class while you do a tasting of wines and empanadas.