Oktoberfest (Hotels)

Is Oktoberfest still on your bucket list? It’s either time to cross this legendary party off, or you had such a blast the first time that you want to go again. Our packages include the best-available accommodation that is just 2 minutes walking distance from the festival grounds as well as beer tent tickets – including lunch and beer vouchers.

So close to all the fun! You’ll be able to stumble back to your hotel after a day at the beer tents as our accommodation is just 200 meters from the festival grounds.

And our professional tour guides won’t leave you out in the cold, they stay with the group for the duration of your Oktoberfest experience and will assist you should you have any specific requirements. Need them to walk you to a bank? Or show you some of the festival rides? They’ll say Prost to that!

Tour Highlights

  • Time to cross this legendary party off your bucket list
  • The best-available accommodation, just 2 minutes walking distance from the festival grounds!
  • Experience world’s largest folk festival
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  • 3-star or 4.5-star hotel accommodation
  • Full breakfast every day
  • Beer tent reservations at Oktoberfest
  • Beer tent vouchers for 1 lunch & 1 to 2 Litres of beer
  • 2-6 professional tour guides (depending on group size of package)
  • ZERO boring sightseeing!

Oktoberfest Packages 2019 - Small-Group Adventure

3-Star Hotel Packages (Hotel Senator, closest to festival grounds) Midweek 1 24 – 27 Sept 2019, Middle Weekend 28 Sept – 1 Oct 2019, Midweek 2 1 – 4 Oct 2019, 3-Star Hotel Packages (Hotel Mirabell) Midweek 1 24 – 27 Sept 2019,  Middle Weekend 28 Sept – 1 Oct 2019, Midweek 2 1 – 4 Oct 2019,

Premium Oktoberfest Packages

4.5-Star Hotel (Four Points by Sheraton). Best available! Midweek 1 24 – 27 Sept 2019,  Middle Weekend 28 Sept – 1 Oct 2019,  Midweek 2 1 – 4 Oct 2019,


Meet & Greet (Day 1)

Meet & Greet with your fellow thirsty buddies. There will be a few meeting times on this first day where you can meet the Thirsty Swagman crew and the other beer connoisseurs you’ll spend this amazing experience with. You’ll receive all the information you need about Oktoberfest and our schedule as well as receive a Thirsty Swagman welcome pack. We will head into the festival grounds to explore some of the rides, food and of course beer.

Oktoberfest Tours Festival Grounds

Hofbräu tent (Day 2)

Hofbräu Tent. We will head to this tent this morning at 10am but for those who partied hard the night before we will have a second meeting time at 2pm. This is the biggest and one of the most popular tents at Oktoberfest so we try to get in early to ensure a table.

Oktoberfest Tours Hofbrau Tent

Exclusive Beer Tent Reservations (Day 3)

You have beer tent reservations! But it’s a surprise at which tent, although it’s always one of the major tents and we will tell you about 2 months prior to the festival. You’ll have allocated tables and vouchers for lunch and some beers included.

Oktoberfest Tours Beer Tent Reservations