Patagonia Fjords Cargo Boat 4D/3N (from Puerto Montt)

Experience a once in a lifetime journey sailing along the Chilean coast, weaving in and out of the Patagonian Fjords, where you will cross through narrow passes surrounded by massive mountain peaks. Along the way you will see incomparable scenery with abundant vegetation and the possibility of sighting birds, dolphins, and if we are lucky, whales.

Tour Highlights

  • Cross the Messier channe, one of the deepest in the area
  • Spot the cargo ship Capitán Leonidas, shipwrecked since the 1970s
  • Discover exuberant vegetation and incredible wildlife during your adventure
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Tour Information


  • 3 nights in private or shared cabins with private bathroom with or without window
  • Transportation on cargo boat
  • 3 Breakfast(s), 3 Lunch(es), 3 Dinner(s),
  • 4-day sailing adventure through the Patagonian fjords
  • Some of the activities
  • Handy extras and accessories



Day 1: Puerto Montt, Chile

Check-in and embark at 4:00 p.m. Once onboard, crew members will give a welcome talk along with some information for a safe and fun journey. Depart at 4:00 pm and begin sailing through the Patagonian Fjords, with final destination at Puerto Natales. The trip starts by the Seno de Reloncaví, Gulf of Ancud, and in the evening we enter the Apiao Channel and then the Gulf of Corcovado

Day 2: Moraleda Channel - Gulf of Penas, Chile

At dawn, we sail through the southernmost part of the Gulf of Corcovado, where the Captain, according to the weather and tidal current information for the channels and the positions of the Moon and Sun, shall decide the most appropriate route to continue the journey.

Day 3: Bajo Cotopaxi - Puerto Eden, Chile

We will wake up sailing between fjords, and we will cross the Messier channel that reaches 1,270 meters deep, a characteristic that makes it the deepest in the area. In this channel, we will also have the opportunity to see the Cargo Ship “Captain Leonidas”. Shortly after, we will cross the Angostura Inglesa, passing in front of the town of Puerto Edén. We continue our navigation through the Patagonian channels.

Day 4: Angostura White - Puerto Natales, Chile

In the early morning we will sail through the Santa Maria Channel, to then reach the narrowest pass of the route, the Angostura White (“White Narrow”), which is only 80 meters wide. Then we will navigate in the Union Sound to later enter the access channel to the city of Puerto Natales, where our great adventure ends.