Salem Witch Experience 3D/2N

Explore over four centuries of Salem’s remarkable (and often spooky) history from its illustrious founding in 1626, to its place as a thriving 21st Century city.

Tour Highlights

  • Expert insight into the ongoing phenomenon of the witch hunt
  • Take a look at the charming & foreboding character of downtown
  • Discover why Salem is the start of the American Revolution
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Tour Information


  • - Return private airport transfers (from Boston)
  • - Your choice of accommodation (2* - 4* hotels)
  • - Salem Nightly Ghost Tour
  • - Salem 101: General History Tour
  • - Salem Witch Museum

Departures - Independent Adventure

Departs daily, Year round


Day 1: Boston Airport pickup and private transfer to Salem, Salem Nightly Ghost Tour

Upon arrival at Boston Airport hop into your private car and get transferred to Salem.

Tonight experience the thrills and chills of Puritan New England during a guided ghost tour through the town that became the epicentre of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.

Join an expert historian and travel through the city, experiencing a sense of suspense around every turn as you soak up a bit of history.

As evening settles on Salem, make your way into the heart of the city and meet an expert historian and folklorist. Begin by meandering past homes that date back to the 17th century, when Salem was a wealthy seaport, and imagine what life was like beyond these dimly lit facades when the wind whipped out the candlelight and residents were forced to hover by the fire to keep warm and stave off fright.

In downtown Salem, see a building where residents claim to have held long, chatty conversations with invisible guests. Glimpse the childhood home of American author Nathaniel Hawthorne and feel a sense of foreboding as you stroll past the house that served as inspiration for The House of Seven Gables, which sought to reveal the injustice of the fateful witch trials.

As the sun sinks towards the horizon, venture past increasingly spooky joints. Then, loop back to your starting point, your mind abuzz with the region’s shocking and not-too-distant past.

Day 2: Salem 101: General History Tour & Salem Witch Musuem

Discover why Salem is the true birthplace of the United States of America with the best history tour in the city.

Explore over four centuries of Salem’s remarkable history from its illustrious founding in 1626, to its place as a thriving 21st Century city.

The witch trials made Salem infamous, but there’s so much more. Explore Salem’s critical role in the American Revolution, how it led the great Age of Sail, and all about the many important and famous people who have called Salem home. The United States just wouldn’t be the same without Salem. (This tour is about non-witchcraft history).

Step back in time to 1692 with a visit to the Salem Witch Museum. Experience the darkness of the Salem Witch Trials, learn about the changing interpretations of witches through the years, and get a closer look at the frightening phenomenon of witch-hunting that’s still prevalent in the present day.

Your tour begins with a dramatic presentation based on actual documents from the trials. Through the use of life-size figures, stage sets, and stirring narration, you can feel as if you’ve been transported through time to 17th-century Salem. Learn about the origins of the witch-hunting mania, the factors the spurred the craze, and the 19 men and women who were put to death by hanging, as well as more than 150 who were sent to jail.

In the second exhibit, a live guide takes you through the evolving interpretation of witches, from the prophetic sisters in Macbeth to Elizabeth Proctor in the Salem Witch Trials to the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. Hear about the ancient origin of Wicca and its role in society today, and then learn the tried-and-true formula for a witch-hunt—fear plus trigger equals scapegoat. See how this equation has led to catastrophic examples of contemporary witch-hunts, like the internment of Japanese Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbour and the McCarthy hearings on Communism. By shedding light on this formula, the museum hopes to prevent further iterations of these heart-breaking events.

Day 3: Departure airport transfer to Boston Airport

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Departure transfer to Boston Airport.