Tena Amazon Eco-Lodge Adventure 4D/3N

Spend 3 days nestled in an eco lodge and immersed in the wild and natural beauty of the Amazon rainforest, where sustainability is key. Take part in various exciting activities that bring you closer to the rainforest’s extraordinary animals and ecosystems, and experience the privilege of getting to know the indigenous Kichwa community.

Tour Highlights

  • Stay in an eco lodge on the banks of the Arajuno river in the Amazon
  • Get up close to some of the Amazon rainforest’s majestic wildlife
  • Engage with the local indigenous Kichwa community and partake in traditional customs
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Tour Information


  • 3B at eco-lodge
  • Pick-up, drop-off; tour transport
  • 3 Breakfast(s), 2 Lunch(es), 3 Dinner(s),
  • Active, wildlife-watching and cultural activities
  • Some of the activities
  • Handy extras and accessories


Every Wednesday


Day 1: Quito - Amazon Jungle, Ecuador

Today you’ll be transferred to the Quito bus station to catch your bus to Tena. From there you’ll be transferred to Arajuno Bridge, where you’ll take a motorized canoe to the eco lodge for check-in, then take a night walk to witness the wildlife up close and personal.

Day 2: Amazon Jungle, Ecuador

Your wildlife experience continues with a parrot clay lick visit (weather permitting), then encounter/take part in some rich traditions of the Kichwa people, visiting a nearby community

Day 3: Amazon Jungle, Ecuador

Head to Isla Anaconda to sight the prehistoric ‘Hoatzin’ bird and go to Amazoonico, a rescue center for wild animals.

Day 4: Amazon Jungle - Quito, Ecuador

Travel back to Arajuno Bridge via motorized canoe, then catch your bus from Tena bus terminal back to Quito.