Tortuguero Trails & Pacuare Rapids 4D/3N

Embark on a captivating journey combining the lush wilderness of Tortuguero National Park with the exhilarating white-water rapids of the Río Pacuare.

This immersive four-day adventure invites you to explore the heart of the Caribbean, with enchanting canoe tours, vibrant town visits, and thrilling river rafting, punctuated by nights under the stars in eco-conscious accommodations.

Tour Highlights

  • Navigate the mysterious waterways of Tortuguero by canoe.
  • Raft through the adrenaline-pumping Class III-IV rapids of Río Pacuare.
  • Hike and swim in the pristine, jungle-clad environs of Pacuare.
  • Enjoy eco-friendly lodging infused with authentic Caribbean charm.
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Tour Information


  • - 2 nights eco-lodge near Tortuguero National Park, 1 nights at Pacuare River Lodge
  • - 4 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 2 Dinners
  • - Transport included
  • - Expert naturalist on canoe tour
  • - Handy extras and accessories


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Day 1: San Jose to Tortuguero

As dawn unfurls its golden hues, ready yourself for a journey from your chosen departure point to the verdant labyrinth of Tortuguero National Park.

As you glide through the serene canals, the jungle’s chorus serenades you, revealing glimpses of exotic wildlife in their natural symphony. Arriving at your eco-lodge, witness the vibrant paints of the Caribbean splash across quaint accommodations.

The afternoon beckons with a stroll through the rustic charm of Tortuguero town, rich in culture and whispers of local life.

Included Experiences:

  • – Morning transfer to Tortuguero.
  • – Canoe tour in Tortuguero National Park’s waterways.
  • – Visit to the colourful Tortuguero village.

Note: This tour offers the flexibility to start from San José, La Fortuna, or Puerto Viejo, catering to your travel preferences and location in Costa Rica.

Day 2: Tortuguero National Park

With the first light of day, the naturalist’s canoe cuts silently through the glassy water, a portal to the jungle’s hidden realms. Tropical birds take flight, monkeys chatter, and with each paddle stroke, the secrets of Tortuguero’s waterways unfold before you.

As the sun sets, the anticipation grows; optional night tours offer a chance to witness the ethereal ritual of turtle nesting—a mesmerizing dance of ancient rhythms (additional cost).

Included Experiences:

  • – Early morning canoe tour regulated by Tortuguero’s natural rhythms.
  • – Optional turtle nesting night tour (not included in the package).

Day 3: Tortuguero to Pacuare

Seize the day with an early departure to the heart-racing Río Pacuare. The river’s embrace beckons you to its running streams, where you’ll navigate through Class III rapids, an enthralling display of Mother Nature’s power.

By noon, the Pacuare River Lodge emerges as a sanctuary where you can unwind or choose to explore further on an optional hike. As night descends, the riverine soundtrack plays a lullaby under a canopy of stars, promising another day of adventure.

Included Experiences:

  • – Thrilling Río Pacuare rafting experience.
  • – Arrival and relaxation at the inviting Pacuare River Lodge.
  • – Optional afternoon hike or hammock relaxation.

Day 4: Pacuare to San Jose

Arise amidst the whispers of the river, ready for the grand finale on Pacuare’s mighty waters.

Today, your paddles will propel you through the heart-thumping Class IV rapids, a true test of your river mettle. Between the swirling waters, the day offers serene interludes with a hike to a secluded waterfall and a riverside lunch.

Post-adventure, choose your onward journey to either San José, La Fortuna, or Puerto Viejo, carrying the wild heartbeat of the river with you as you transition back to the comforts of civilization.

Included Experiences:

  • Day of exhilarating Class IV white-water rafting.
  • Exploratory hike to a hidden waterfall.
  • Choice of return destination: San José, La Fortuna, or Puerto Viejo.

Note: This memorable escapade concludes with the option to return to San José, La Fortuna, or Puerto Viejo, accommodating your onward travel plans and preference for the journey’s finale.