Tundra & Wilderness Dog Mushing Safari 5D/4N

During this mushing-packed product we sled for five full days, covering from 30km to 40km each day.

All of your meals, suitable snow-suits and boots, expert guiding and the five days of husky dogsledding with your own team of huskies are included in the price, as well as wilderness accommodation in a variety of cabins and huts.

NB: At least one night is normally spent in a very basic wilderness hut so that you can have a true arctic experience on the high tundra plateau.

Tour Highlights

  • Spend an evening in a cosy kota
  • Experience one of the most remote locations as possible to search for the Northern Lights
  • Mush with Pride – internationally recognised industry standard in the sleddog world
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Tour Information


  • - Full Board
  • - Well-Trained Guide
  • - Personal mushing equipment
  • - A team of 4 - 6 huskies
  • - Arctic clothing and boots
  • - Polar sleeping bag
  • - 4N accommodation (Lappish farm kota, luxury & wilderness cabins)

Departures - Independent Adventures:

January - April


Day 1: Introductory Safari day and introduction to life as a musher

Introductory Safari day and introduction to life as a musher.

Introductory safari after kit checks.

Overnight in kota (traditional circular log building with central fireplace).

Your first introductory safari day will include ~30km of riding relatively close to the homestead with at least one of the guides who will be with you through the remainder of your tour.

You may or may not have the same dogs when you head out into the wild since we will be trying  to give the multiday dogs as much of a rest in-between the long tours as possible, ready for the hard days on the high tundra. Nevertheless, you will see how the guide will work hard at the beginning of the day to balance the speed between the teams. This is affected as much by how the dogs are feeling about running on that particular day as it is by the relative weight of the clients themselves.

Day 2: Off to the Wilds again

Off to the wilds.

This first day out is one of the shortest and normally easiest but called obstacle day to help hone your dog sledding skills.

Transition seamlessly between open marshland to lake, river and forest glens.

Enjoy an indoor sauna at Galdotieva.

You will cover somewhere between 35 and 55km each day with your dogs during the next four days.

This first day out of the farm is one of the shortest and normally the easiest (after the introductory day) but we call it the obstacle day since it contains a number of challenges designed to hone your skills, including bridge and reindeer separation fence crossings, and a couple of short but pretty steep descents and ascents which will get your heart racing.

Day 3: The High Tundra

Climb up to the high tundra, the plateau that climbs above the tree-line, swept bare by the arctic winds.

Experience the mystical twilight colours and spectacular sunsets, and if you’re lucky, a chance to run with the dogs under a star-filled Arctic sky, guided by northern lights in the heavens above.

During the safari days you will transition seamlessly from open marshland to lake, river and forest glen. And, you will not only discover many hidden gems in the terrain but will also experience the changing light of the Arctic days.

The soft light of mid-morning gives way to the mystical twilight colours and spectacular sunsets of the afternoons and then, for those who are lucky, you are likely to also have the chance on at least one day to run with the dogs under a star-filled Arctic sky, guided by northern lights in the heavens above.

Day 4: Fells and more fells

Fell and more fells.

During today you will again traverse the tundra landscape and also some of the biggest climbs and descents.

The descent to our cabin, in a small Sami village, may literally take your breath away!

Enjoy being part of a vibrant reindeer herding area.

During this day you will not only traverse again across the tundra landscape but you will encounter one of the biggest climbs and descents  of the whole journey in the final moments of the day. Hence, keep some reserves back for this last challenge before arriving at your final cabin in the small Sami village of Näkkälä on the edge of the Pöyrisjärvi wilderness area.

The descent to this cabin may literally take your breath away and, at minimum, will give you an adrenalin-filled buzz right at the end of the day!

Day 5: Homeward-bound

Homeward bound.

Heading south for the last day of the journey, when the weather is crisp and clear and the trees are laden with snow, this last part is truly spectacular.

The majority of your day will be spent mushing on gentle rolling hills as you gradually descend back down to Hetta.

The final leg of the day is down the length of the Ounasjärvi lake where, if you are lucky, you may see the sun starting to set in spectacular fashion or, at least, see  the changing colours of the arctic day. The lake can be a chilly windswept place, so have some extra gloves and buffs to hand, in case the sun sets and the wind comes up.