Travel Inspiration


Alright, so you’ve booked that big trip to hike Mount Kilimanjaro or maybe you’re thinking about doing the Camino… No matter what, everyone has there first big hike. Don’t stress, we’ve got a quick guide to help you pack and train for any new adventure.

Start working those babies in! Depending on your hike/walk/trek, you’ll need a good solid pair of boots or trail runners and you SHOULD NEVER WEAR THEM FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THE STARTING DAY OF YOUR HIKE. If you meet someone on your trail who’s done this, you can thank us later. Also, always bring an extra pair, sandals or lite runners to give your feet a rest in.

2. BAG
If you’re travelling with all your own gear, a good bag that fits your back, straps in nicely and is easy to pack and remove is all you need. Try on as many as possible until you’ve found your match. Also, when trying on a bag, but some weight in it so it feels more realistic.

Will you take a water bottle or a camel pack? I prefer the camel pack, 2Litres is perfect, not that heavy and gives you easy access to water. Depending on your length of hike, you might not even need to fill it up more than once a day. But remember, only take tiny sips.

These are just for starters. Any questions on what to pack, just comment below. We’ve got a whole list of essentials coming soon to a blog near you 😉