Cultural Carousal & Coastal Charm: La Paz Exclusive 6D/5N

Immerse yourself in an exceptional six-day adventure through La Paz’s historic textures and azure coasts.

Encounter cacti sanctuaries, uncover mining legacies, relish in coastal tranquillity, and explore island wonders, where every day unfurls new delights.

Tour Highlights

  • Stroll through El Triunfo’s historic vestiges
  • Discover sea lions at Espíritu Santo
  • Gaze upon Los Cabos’ Arch from a glass-bottom boat
  • Unwind on the serene beaches of La Ventana
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Tour Information


  • - 5 nights accommodation in La Paz with breakfast.
  • - Transport included
  • - 5 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches (Daily Breakfast at the hotel. Full lunch during tours.)
  • - Expert guides for each tour and activity.
  • - Handy extras and accessories


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Day 1: Arrival Embrace & La Paz's Welcoming Waves

Upon your arrival at La Paz Airport, the vibrant heart of Baja California Sur gently calls to you. Our dedicated transfer service ensures your seamless journey from the bustling airport to the doorstep of your hotel, where comfort and warm hospitality await. As you settle into your new surroundings, the excitement sets in with the promise of the adventures to come.

The first day is a blank canvas, inviting you to paint it with your very own brushstrokes of exploration. Meander through the sun-kissed streets of La Paz, absorbing the local atmosphere, or simply relax by the water’s edge, where the gentle lap of waves sets the tone for your holiday. With the whisper of the ocean as the backdrop, the tranquil evening offers a perfect introduction to the allure of this coastal gem. Rest up, for tomorrow brings a captivating journey through La Paz’s picturesque cityscape and pristine beaches.

Day 2: Cultural Odyssey & Balandra's Beach Bliss

Rise with the sun for a day infused with cultural treasures and coastal wonders. Fuel up with a delightful breakfast at the hotel before heading out to embark on a city tour that weaves through the vibrant tapestry of La Paz.

Your journey begins at the historic heart of the city. Here, stories etched in stone and tradition invite you to explore the cathedral, a beacon of heritage and faith. Amble through the museum’s halls, where regional history unfolds before your eyes in a collection of artefacts and narratives.

Next, you’re off to the artisan centre, a treasure trove of local craftsmanship. Each piece tells a story, each craftsperson breathes life into their work, offering you a piece of La Paz to carry home.

The coastal calling beckons as you venture to the iconic Balandra Beach. Here, nature’s masterpiece awaits—a spectacular mushroom-shaped rock formation sculpted by the winds and waves. Stroll along the sandy shores, bathe in the crystalline waters, and let the serenity of this protected area wash over you.

Lunch introduces the flavours of La Paz at a charming restaurant, after which you’ll continue to El Tecolote Beach. The afternoon unfurls into leisure—a chance to embrace the sun, sea, and sand. With each wave, each ray of sunlight, you grow more entwined with the coastal spirit of La Paz.

As dusk sets, with energizing tales and blissful hearts, your guide will escort you back to the hotel. Here, the comforts of your room provide a sanctum to reflect on a day painted with the vibrant colours of La Paz’s culture and beaches.

Day 3: Espíritu Santo Island Enchantment

Greet the day with anticipation, for an aquatic adventure to the resplendent Isla Espíritu Santo beckons. After savouring a hearty breakfast, you’ll be conveyed from your hotel to the embarkation point, where a vessel awaits to slice through the cobalt blue towards this natural paradise.

As the boat hums along, the island looms into view, a biosphere reserve protected to ensure that its enchanting biodiversity thrives. The first thrilling encounter involves slipping into the underwater ballet, where the inquisitive and graceful sea lions of Los Islotes play host. Snorkel alongside these marine marvels, in a delicate dance through curtains of kaleidoscopic marine life (only outside their repose period in June to August).

The excursion unfolds to reveal Ensenada Grande, a beach lauded for its postcard-perfect vistas. Here, the artist’s palette of nature orchestrates hues of blue, green, and golden sands. A lunch picnic adds to the delight, with sips and savours set against the backdrop of the Sea of Cortez, your midday respites perfectly paired with the lulling whispers of lapping waves.

As the sun arcs across the sky, it heralds a gentle journey back through the embracing sea, carrying with it memories of underwater enchantment and serene shorelines. Upon your return to La Paz, the evening’s soft glow invites more exploration or the simple joy of relaxation at your hotel.

Day 4: Los Cabos Unveiled: A Tale of Two Seas

Your fourth dawn in La Paz gives way to an excursion destined to enchant and awe. As breakfast concludes, a scenic drive out of La Paz transports you towards the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula—Los Cabos—where the Pacific meets the Gulf of California.

The journey first introduces you to Todos Santos, a “Pueblo Mágico” brimming with history, art, and tales. Here, the warmth of tradition envelops you as you wander its cobblestone streets, colonial buildings, and local galleries, each step a discovery of its magical essence.

As you journey on, the day heightens with an exhilarating glass-bottom boat ride to the iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Beneath you, the water’s clear depths reveal an aquatic world teeming with life, a living mosaic that beckons from below. The arch itself—a monumental rock formation—stands guard where the oceans kiss, a sight that truly epitomizes the grandeur of nature.

With appetites stirred by sea air and splendour, a palatable lunch at a local restaurant offers the perfect interlude. Taste the zest of Baja cuisine, where every dish is a celebration of fresh, local ingredients.

The final brushstroke of your day paints a visit to the charming town of San José del Cabo. Its mission church, artisan shops, and amiable plazas invite leisurely exploration. Let the town’s genteel spirit infuse your evening before returning to La Paz, where your hotel’s comforting respite awaits and the night offers time for reflection on the wonders witnessed.

Day 5: Historic Echoes & Beachfront Serenity at La Ventana

As the soft hues of dawn flicker over La Paz, a hearty breakfast prepares you for a day steeped in cultural heritage and coastal pleasures. Today’s odyssey takes you through quaint villages and to the embrace of La Ventana’s serene beach front.

Your guide greets you with tales of what lies ahead as the journey begins southwards. The road winds towards the Cactus Sanctuary, a reserve adorned with a forest of towering cacti. Here, species such as the mighty Cardón and delicate Choya stand sentinel, a living testament to Baja California’s diverse flora.

Travelling through time and nature, you arrive at the historic town of El Triunfo, once a bustling mining hub. Wander amongst the remnants of a bygone era, where French, British, and Chinese influences still whisper in the ruins. The iconic “La Ramona” chimney, touched by the genius of Gustave Eiffel, stretches towards the heavens, as the quaint pathways lead you to intriguing stories and panoramic views from the town’s mirador.

Nearby San Antonio waits to unfold its narrative, where standing ruins and the plaza evoke images of past livelihoods, and the echoes of an album photo from rock legends Bon Jovi.

The journey culminates at the coastal paradise of La Ventana. Here, the breezes and lapping waves welcome you to a leisurely afternoon. The sandy beach is your canvas for relaxation, reflection, or play, as the soft, salty air composes your seaside symphony.

The day’s activities marry with a beachside lunch, where the cuisine is as delightful as the views. Savour tastes as fresh as the ocean breeze before the gradual return to La Paz, where the evening invites you to either unwind or further explore the city’s nocturnal charm at your own pace.

Day 6: Farewell to La Paz: A Heartfelt Departure

As the first light of day caresses La Paz, the city whispers a soft “hasta luego” to you. This final morning provides a leisurely pace as you rise to the aromas of breakfast awaiting at the hotel—one last chance to indulge in local flavours and prepare for the journey home.

The morning is yours to enjoy as you see fit. Whether it’s a peaceful stroll along the malecón, a few final snapshots of the city’s charm, or simply some reflective time in the quietude of your room, each moment adds depth to the canvas of memories you’ve created here.

When it comes time to bid farewell, our transfer service will ensure you depart with as much care and comfort as when you arrived. You’ll be escorted from your hotel to La Paz Airport, where you can relax with the knowledge that every detail has been taken care of.

As you check in for your flight and glance back over your shoulder, the beauty of La Paz and the adventures shared here linger in your heart. With a gallery of vivid experiences and new friendships made, you’ll leave knowing that this was not just a trip—it was a life-enriching journey that will beckon you to return someday.