La Paz Coastal Charms & Historic Ventures 3D/2N

Submerge yourself in the historical and coastal allure of La Paz over three transformative days.

Traverse colonial streets, tour the iconic Catedral de Nuestra Señora de La Paz, and unwind on the pristine beaches of Balandra and El Tecolote.

Relish local handicrafts, culinary delights, and azure waters for a truly idyllic getaway.

Tour Highlights

  • Delve into La Paz’s historic heart: Palacio Municipal and Catedral.
  • Discover regional crafts and visit the evocative Museo Regional.
  • Explore the stunning natural monument, Hongo de Balandra.
  • Savour local cuisine and relax on serene Playa El Tecolote.
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Tour Information


  • - 2 nights accommodation in La Paz with breakfast included
  • - Quality Transport included
  • - 2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch
  • - Professional guide services provided during the City Tour on Day 2.
  • - Handy extras and accessories


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Day 1: Welcome to the Tranquility of La Paz

As your plane descends upon the scenic city of La Paz, the excitement for your impending exploration mounts. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted with warmth and swiftly escorted from the Airport to your hotel, where tranquillity awaits.

The day is yours to acclimatize to the serene surroundings; perhaps you’ll take a leisurely stroll through the nearby streets, catching glimpses of local life and the city’s laid-back atmosphere. As the sun sets, La Paz’s vibrant hues invite you to unwind and prepare for the adventures that the following days promise.

Your first night in La Paz is spent in anticipation, enveloped in the comfort of your hotel, resting for the explorations that await.

Day 2: Charming City Sights and Pristine Beaches

Your La Paz experience unfolds as the morning light filters through.

After a delectable breakfast at your hotel, the day’s adventure commences with a pick-up between 09:30 and 10:00 am. Your city tour begins at the heart of La Paz’s historic district. The knowledgeable guide leads you through a tapestry of cobbled streets, unfolding stories behind the old Palacio Municipal and the majestic Teatro Juárez.

Wander through the verdant embrace of Jardín Velasco before being captivated by the spiritual presence of the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de La Paz. Your journey continues as you’re enthralled by the rich tapestry of regional culture at the Museo Regional and the vibrant Sudcalifornianas Craft Centre, where local artisans will acquaint you with indigenous materials and unforgettable souvenirs.

Next, you’re whisked away to Playa Balandra, a precious pearl within a Natural Protected Area. Take a leisurely hike to the iconic Hongo de Balandra, a natural rock formation resembling a mushroom, and revel in the stunning panoramic views of the bay. Here, in the shallow, azure waters, you don an optional swimsuit for a swim amongst a myriad of fish or choose to bask in the sun on the white sands.

Continuing your coastal escapade, you arrive at Playa El Tecolote. A gastronomic treat awaits as you savour a mouth-watering meal at a local restaurant with the ocean as your backdrop. As the afternoon sun kisses your skin, enjoy some free time to lounge by the sea or take a leisurely swim.

As dusk approaches, you are gently delivered back to the embrace of La Paz. The evening offers a restful end to a day filled with discovery and natural wonder, as you retire to your hotel to reflect on the day’s cherished moments.


Day 3: Farewell to La Paz

On the dawn of your departure, La Paz still hums its quiet melody as you arise to enjoy your final moments in this oasis of calm. Your hotel lays out a splendid breakfast, offering a perfect occasion to relish the local flavours one last time. With each bite comes a memory of the previous day’s journey—a historic stroll, the soft sands of Balandra, and the tranquil waters of El Tecolote.

After breakfast, you’ll have some moments to yourself – perhaps for contemplation at the hotel, a short saunter through La Paz’s ambrosial streets, or a final gaze across the waters that edge the city.

When it’s time to depart, you’ll find the same attentive service that greeted you upon arrival now ensures a seamless transfer back to the airport. The comfort of your transport allows for a peaceful ride, punctuated with visions of the sea and the city that now holds a piece of your heart.

With a mind full of memories and a camera full of snapshots, you bid a fond adiós to La Paz, already imagining your return to its welcoming embrace. Your Express Voyage may have been brief, but the allure of this city by the sea will beckon you back for years to come.