Majestic Whales & Baja Wonders: La Paz Odyssey 6D/5N

Immerse yourself in an enchanting six-day journey through La Paz, where azure seas meet sun-kissed sands.

Marvel at the colonial charm, embrace the pristine beaches, and come face-to-face with the gentle giants of the deep on this spectacular Baja California adventure.

Each day brings new wonders, from historical city walks to snorkelling with sea lions and the awe-inspiring whale encounter.

Tour Highlights

  • City tour of La Paz, embracing the historic and the heavenly beaches.
  • Engage with playful sea lions on the Isla Espíritu Santo tour.
  • Explore vibrant Los Cabos and the iconic Pueblo Magico Todos Santos.
  • Witness the magnificent whales of Bahía Magdalena up close.
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Tour Information


  • - 5 nights accommodation in the heart of La Paz, with breakfast included.
  • - Transport included
  • - 5 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches
  • - Expert guidance throughout the city tour and beach adventures.
  • - Handy extras and accessories


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Day 1: The Welcoming Shores of La Paz

Upon arrival at La Paz Airport, the vibrant heart of Baja California Sur, you’re greeted not just by the balmy air but by a friendly local driver ready to escort you to your accommodation. As the cityscape unfurls before you, the anticipation of the coming days’ adventures fills the air.

Checking into your hotel, you’ll find your room a tranquil retreat, hinting at the comfort and hospitality that characterizes the region. With the rest of the day at your leisure, you might amble through the streets of La Paz, acquainting yourself with its rhythm and hues, or sip a refreshing local drink while enjoying the sunset over the Sea of Cortez.

Your first night in La Paz is a blank canvas, inviting you to paint the start of your memorable Baja journey with your own vibrant strokes. Rest well, for tomorrow the true exploration begins.

Day 2: La Paz's Historical Charms & Coastal Bliss

After a refreshing breakfast at your hotel, a day of exploration and discovery beckons as you’re picked up for an enthralling eight-hour city and beaches tour. Your guide, brimming with stories and local insights, will take you through the heart of La Paz’s historical centre.

Strolling past the old, pastel-hued buildings, you’ll visit key landmarks like the erstwhile Municipal Palace and Teatro Juárez. The Jardín Velasco’s lush greenery offers a serene moment before the grandeur of the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de La Paz captivates you. A stop at the Museo Regional de La Paz yields cultural treasures, and the Centro de Artesanías Sudcalifornianas presents exquisite local crafts, perfect for a keepsake or gift.

Next, you’ll journey on to Playa Balandra, where the sands are as white as the clouds above and the waters shimmer in varying shades of turquoise and blue. Take a moment to dip your toes in the gentle surf or swim amid the tranquil waters, then hike to the famous Balandra Mushroom—a rock formation sculpted by time and tide, emblematic of the region’s natural beauty.

You’ll end your coastal escapade at Playa El Tecolote. Here, indulge in a sumptuous meal at a beach front restaurant, where the sea breeze complements the delicious local flavours. Savour this time at your leisure, as the soothing sound of the waves forms the perfect backdrop to an afternoon siesta or a contemplative walk along the shore.

As the day wanes, you’ll return to La Paz, carrying with you the sensory memories and sun-kissed impressions of a day well spent, and another night at your friendly hotel awaits.

Day 3: Seaside Serenity and Snorkelling at Isla Espíritu Santo

As dawn breaks, a new adventure stirs. After enjoying your breakfast, you are soon greeted by your guide who will lead you to the embarkation zone, marking the start of your sea-bound expedition to Isla Espíritu Santo. As you cruise across the crystal-clear waters of the Sea of Cortez, let the ocean air invigorate your senses in anticipation of the marvels to come.

A gem within the Gulf of California, Isla Espíritu Santo is a refuge of biodiversity, boasting sheer red rock cliffs that contrast starkly against the vibrant blue ocean. Your guide shares tales of the island’s rich ecosystem and the importance of its protected status, enhancing your appreciation for this natural sanctuary.

The main highlight awaits as you wear the snorkelling gear and slip into the alluring waters, joining a colony of frolicking sea lions. The playful creatures eagerly invite you to partake in their aquatic ballet, and nearby, the underwater world teems with colourful fish and other marine wonders that captivate both the eye and the spirit.

Following your marine encounter, you’ll touch down on the shores of Playa Ensenada Grande. An idyllic spot to relax and reflect, this is where a delectable lunch is served—fresh ceviche, a symphony of ocean flavours, accompanied by hearty sandwiches and cool beverages under the shade of a beach umbrella.

After a day of sun, snorkels, and the sea’s chorus, you return to La Paz. Back at your hotel, the evening is yours to enjoy as you please, whether you’re eager for more exploration or simply wish to rest, comforted by the soothing waves of today’s joyous sea escapade.

Day 4: Los Cabos Melody & the Charm of Todos Santos

With the first light casting a warm glow over La Paz, your day begins early to maximize the adventures ahead. A nourishing breakfast sets the tone before you’re off on a scenic drive towards the celebrated Los Cabos region. Today, time seems to stretch, allowing you to soak up every moment of this twelve-hour escapade.

Your first stop is the storied Pueblo Mágico of Todos Santos, an artistic haven where Bohemian vibes pulse through cobbled streets and historic edifices. Discover the lore of the “Hotel California”, amble through vibrant art galleries, and marvel at the local handicrafts that each tell their own Baja fairy-tale.

The journey then carries you onward to the marina of Cabo San Lucas, where you’ll board a unique glass-bottom boat. Beneath you, the marine life dances, while ahead, the iconic Arch of Los Cabos stands as a sentinel at land’s end, magnifying the beauty of this coastline. Cruise by Lover’s Beach, Divorce Beach, and witness the natural sculptures crafted by wind and waves.

After the sea-based revelry, it’s time to savour local flavours at a hand-picked restaurant, where the ingredients are as fresh as the ocean breeze. As gastronomic delights tantalize your palate, the lively atmosphere of Cabo San Lucas wraps around you.

Later, you make your way to San José del Cabo, a colonial gem that beckons with its mission church and tranquil plaza. Roam the quaint streets, peppered with art and craft stores unfolding the rich tapestry of Huichol artistry. The depth of Mexican culture further unfolds at a traditional tequila house, where those of age can sample the fiery spirit.

As the day transitions into a starlit evening, you’re comfortably conveyed back along the coastal road to your hotel in La Paz. Rest now, for your heart and mind are surely full of the day’s melodies and Mexican magic.

Day 5: Whale Watching Wonders in Bahía Magdalena

On this penultimate day, you rise before the sun, embarking on an early morning departure for a date with nature’s behemoths. After breakfast, get ready for a road trip across the Baja peninsula, from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific side, where the serene Bahía Magdalena awaits. Lean back and enjoy landscapes flitting by, as your guide shares the ecological importance of the upcoming adventure.

The thrill of the day elevates as you arrive at Puerto Chale, where a panga boat bids you entrance to the bay’s calm waters. This sanctuary is where grey whales come to calve and nurture their young, basking in the protected lagoons. As you glide over the gentle swells, an unparalleled wildlife spectacle unfolds. The whales breach and spout, mere metres from your vessel, their sheer size and friendly curiosity leaving you awestruck.

During approximately two hours of whale watching, you witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat—a poignant reminder of nature’s wonder and fragility. The migratory tales of these grand mammals inject depth into each splash and fluke wave, creating a crescendo of emotion and connection.

Post-encounter, your senses are treated to another local delight—a hearty meal at a traditional restaurant, an opportunity to ruminate over fresh flavours and your life-affirming whale encounters.

The afternoon signifies your return journey to La Paz, the road leading you back as the day’s moments replay with vivid clarity. You arrive at the hotel with the evening at your disposal, perhaps to gaze at the starlit sky and digest the profundity of today’s brush with the wild.

Day 6: Farewell to the Baja Beauty

As the Baja sun ushers in a new day, your La Paz odyssey reaches its peaceful end. Enjoy your breakfast in the comforting ambience of the hotel, letting the flavours of the local cuisine act as a final toast to your travels. This is a morning for reflection, offering a chance to recall each remarkable moment experienced over the past six days.

Take this time to pack your bags, ensuring you’ve left nothing behind but footprints in the sand, and perhaps to stroll one last time along the waterfront, capturing final snapshots and farewells to the city that has been your home this week.

When you’re ready, the transfer service is there to ensure your journey to the airport is as smooth and stress-free as the sea you’ve sailed. As you depart, the warmth of La Paz’s embrace lingers, and though it may signal the close of this chapter, the stories and connections made will sail with you into the horizons beyond. Safe travels and may the spirit of Baja beckon you back someday.