Mt Fuji Trek 2D/1N

See Japan’s highest sunrise on our most popular summer tour for climbing Mt. Fuji.

The two day Mt. Fuji Tour will give ample time in the pursuit to reach the summit.

After a long hike the first day, participants enjoy a hot dinner and rest overnight in a mountain hut at 3400 meters.

Awaking before dawn, participants will continue the climb up Mt. Fuji in order to reach the summit in time for the sunrise.

Tour Highlights

  • Climb uncrowded, locally known routes
  • Option of joining and ending tour in Mt. Fuji area (meet Gotenba train station)
  • Spend the night in a mountain hut at 3400 meters
  • Each group is accompanied by at least one bilingual and bicultural guide
  • Proof. We give you a “certificate of summit” to prove your accomplishment to your friends
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Tour Information


  • - Transportation to and from Mt. Fuji (Departing from Tochomae train station)
  • - 2 Hot Meals (Day 1 Dinner, Day 2 Breakfast)
  • - Lodging at a Japanese-style mountain hut at 3,400m/11,154ft elevation
  • - Bilingual guide
  • - A bag of Fuji necessities including a traditional Japanese Hachimaki headband, hand sanitizer, an eye mask and ear plugs.
  • - Summiteers will be presented with their own "certificate of summiting Mt. Fuji" upon completion of the tour to prove to your friends that you actually did it.

Provided Meals:

We want you to enjoy your climb, as well as be challenged by it. With food, however, we just want you to enjoy it. The 2 day Mt. Fuji Tour includes one dinner and one breakfast served through mountain huts on Mt. Fuji. These mountain huts only serve Japanese food such as curry rice, noodles, udon, miso soup, etc. The hot food tastes delicious and enriches your Japanese experience of Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately mountain huts only serve Japanese food. If you are not able to eat Japanese food we ask that you buy food previous to the hike and bring it up with you.

Own Meals:

You will need to provide 2 lunches on your own; lunch on day 1 will be part way through our climb and on day 2 after our descent of Mt. Fuji. In addition to being infrequent at times, buying lunches from mountain huts is quite expensive (JPY800-1,500 per meal) so we recommend bringing lunch food with you. Although the miso flavoured noodles at the 7th station are absolutely amazing! Miso flavoured udon noodles served at station 7. Photo by Jimmy Rogers


There are no garbage bins on Mt. Fuji, not even at the 5th station and not at any of the mountain huts located along the way. At FMG we commit ourselves to accomplishing Leave No Trace principals and expect any participants on our tours to follow the same principals. Any garbage you bring up the mountain must come back down with you. Please bring along an extra zip lock bag to keep your garbage in and help to preserve the natural beauty on Mt. Fuji.


From Tochomae train station we will travel to the Subashiri trail 5th station by either private or public transport. Mode of transportation will depend on estimated traffic as well as group size. Our tours run on "Japan time". This means that we leave promptly at the published departure time of 6:45 am. If you are late, the tour will leave without you and your reservation will be forfeited without refund. Please make your greatest effort to show up on time. *Optional pick up/drop off at Gotenba train station (Mt. Fuji area) is available. *Personal luggage: there will not be any place to store your extra baggage on our tour. Any extra luggage you have needs to be dealt with BEFORE joining our tour in either Tokyo or Gotenba. Options for luggage storage include, coin lockers at Shinjuku or Gotenba, hotel baggage storage services or sending by 'takkyubin' (postal service) to your next destination.


On our 2 day Mt. Fuji Tour we will be spending the night in a Japanese style mountain hut. These huts offer a fantastic cultural experience unique to Mt. Fuji. Huts are a great way of meeting fellow climbers, exchanging stories, and experiencing camaraderie that you will never find in a five star hotel. Accommodations consist of a bunk, bedding, sheets, and pillow all in the Japanese style. When huts get crowded you may be required to share your bunk with other climbers so ear plugs are highly recommended and are provided by FMG.

Group Size:

We keep a strict guide/client ratio of 1:9, with a maximum of 27 participants and 3 guides per group tour. While most group tours do exceed 9, each participant is allowed to hike at their own pace on day 1. On our summit attempt on day 2 the group is more tightly managed.


You will need snacks for each day of your climb. Buying snacks at a mountain hut is an option but they are overpriced and infrequent at times. We suggest bringing crackers, candy bars, jerky, chips, cookies, trail mix, fruits, energy bars, and hard candies. Add peanut butter, cream cheese, hard cheese, or pepperoni for additional calories and taste. If you enjoy bread items, bagels work well. Include some salty snacks to replenish lost salts.

Departures - Small-Group Adventure:

Daily - June to Oct (contact us for latest dates)


Day 1

6:45 a.m. – Meet in in front of Tochomae Station (pronounced “Toe-cho-ma-é) on the Toei Oedo line. How do you get here? We’ll meet right in front of the only ticket machines inside this station.

6:50 a.m. – Team discussion and preparation for the day’s events. Depart for Mt. Fuji Subashiri 5th station.

9:00 a.m. – Arrive at Gotemba train station which is an optional pick up point for those staying in Mt. Fuji area, including Kawaguchiko and Hakone. If you want to be picked up or dropped off at Gotemba station, you can select this option during checkout.

10:00 a.m. – Arrive at Mt. Fuji Subashiri 5th station

10:30 a.m. – Team discussion on Mt. Fuji; begin climbing Subashiri route.

4:00-6:00 p.m. – Arrive at 8th station Fujisan Hotel, hot dinner and sleep.


Day 2

1:00-3:00 a.m. – Wake up.

1:30-3:30 a.m. – Leave hut for sunrise atop Mt. Fuji.

4:00-5:00 a.m. – Sunrise atop Mt. Fuji and hot “Banzai! Sunrise Breakfast!” An hour circuit of Mt. Fuji’s 8 peaks is offered.

5:30-6:30 a.m. – Begin descent to Subashiri 5th station.

10:00-1:00 p.m. – Arrive 5th station; relax, have lunch.

11:00-2:00 p.m. – Bus leaves for Shinjuku Station.

1:00-3:00pm – Bus arrives at Gotemba train station which is an optional drop off point for those wanting to access Hakone, Kawaguchiko, or head south towards Kyoto. You can select a Gotenba station drop off in the checkout process.

1:30-4:30 p.m. – Arrive Shinjuku Station.