Private Mt Nemrut and Gobeklitepe Tour

This 3 day tour, starts and ends in Istanbul, Turkey.

Tour Highlights

  • Karakuş Tumulus
  • Arsemia
  • Severus (Cendere) Bridge
  • Mt. Nemrut
  • Ataturk Dam
  • Göbekli Tepe
  • Sanliurfa (Urfa)
  • Harran
  • Halfeti – Euphrates Boat Trip
  • Gaziantep – Mosaic Museum
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Tour Information


  • - Professional English-speaking local tour guides at each site
  • - Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking vehicle
  • - Domestic flight between Adiyaman and Istanbul and transfers
  • - Domestic flight between Gaziantep and Istanbul and transfers
  • - Euphrates Boat Trip
  • - Tips except Driver and Guide
  • - Entrance fees


This tour is available on any day of the year.


Day 1

Our day begins with a flight, from Istanbul, to Adiyaman where you’ll be picked up at the airport and embark on an exploration of Adiyaman, starting at the Karakus Tumulus, an ancient archaeological site steeped in history and mystery.

Continuing our journey, we’ll cross the impressive Severus (Cendere) Bridge, an architectural wonder, and delve into the remnants of ancient Arsemia, where history comes to life amid captivating ruins.

We venture towards the majestic Mount Nemrut, home to the Tombs of Commagene Kingdom and the towering Colossal Statues of Gods.

Ascending to the Tumulus of Antiochos, the former capital of Kommagene, we’ll await a breath-taking sunset from the summit of Nemrut. This ancient funerary monument, concealed in time for almost two millennia, will be a remarkable backdrop as the sun descends, painting the sky in hues of serenity atop Mt. Nemrut.

Day 2

Following breakfast, our expedition takes us to Sanliurfa (Urfa) via a picturesque route passing the Ataturk Dam.

Our next destination, Gobekli Tepe, stands as the paramount archaeological dig of our time, reshaping our understanding of early human history. This sacred site unravels the earliest-known religious structures, dating back an astonishing 11,000 to 13,000 years, predating pivotal human advancements like pottery, writing, Stonehenge, and even the Pyramids!

Continuing our journey, we encounter Harran, adorned with its distinct Mud-Brick houses and ancient city walls, offering glimpses into an ancient era’s architectural marvels.

We return to Urfa, where our exploration leads us to the revered Holy Pools of Abraham, with a cave engrained in historical lore, believed to be the birthplace of the Prophet Abraham.

Day 3

This morning, from Halfeti, we will take a scenic cruise along the Euphrates River which includes visits to the submerged town of Savasan and Rumkale fortress.

Our morning journey takes us to Gaziantep, where a remarkable visit awaits at the renowned Zeugma Mosaic Museum. This exceptional museum proudly showcases the magnificent mosaics retrieved from the submerged city of Zeugma, offering a glimpse into the splendid artistry and cultural heritage of a bygone era.

Afterwards our tour draws to a close as with a transfer to the Gaziantep airport for you flight to Istanbul.