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You love it! You crave it. You dream of it! You don’t know what you’re having for lunch but you do know where your next 6 holidays will be! It’s why you’re reading this blog, we hope. You just can’t get enough. 

And neither can I. 

I’ve worked in the travel industry for over 7 years (on and off of course because I was travelling). Travel Agent, Tour Guide, Business Development for two travel companies, and now marketing and sales for V Travel Network. It’s a part of my life and a part of who I am.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend (of 3 months) because he didn’t want to travel. Which is understandable. Not everyone has the urge to explore the world with a backpack and no clue or stay in 5 star hotel ordering hamburgers. Yes. These people exist and my ex-boyfriend is one of them. In his defence, he did give it a crack. We took a two week trip to Sydney and Melbourne which was in the end, our demise. We couldn’t travel together. Or I couldn’t travel with him because he DIDN’T WANT TO TRAVEL! Sorry, I’m still coming to terms with the fact that I dated someone who DOESN’T LIKE TRAVELING. Man, I need a holiday just thinking about it. 

But more importantly it got me thinking about what kind of traveler am I anyway? I mean, if the man I love can’t enjoy a simple trip with me, what or where am I going wrong? 

And listen, I’ve done my fair share of solo and group travel. I walked the entire 800km of the Camino De Santiago. I did a 21 Day (insert 18-39 Youth Company) that was CAMPING, when I was 23 I should add. I’ve sailed around the Maldives and ridden door-less trains in Sri Lanka. I’ve had my passport stolen on a train in Barcelona. I’ve dropped trou’ on the nudist beaches of the Casa Blanca Coast in Spain. I tackled the 1000 year old trails of the Kumodo Kodo in Japan, carrying 15kg and a tent on my back. All AMAZING trips that I’ll never forget. 

All of these experiences have one thing in common. I went by myself. 

Obviously some of these trips where categorized as “groups” or “tours” and there where people on those trips. But what I’m trying to say is I haven’t mentioned any of the trips where I went with a boyfriend or a friend. Because the thing I remember mostly about those trips aren’t positive experiences. 

When I travel I’m looking for a new experience, something different and unique, somewhere I can get lost. A choose your own adventure type of trip. And from my own experience, this doesn’t always translate to an enjoyable trip when you have someone tag along. 

Which leads me to believe that I might be traveling solo for the rest of my life… but it could be worse. I could just hate traveling. 

I’d love to hear about your experiences. Tell me what type of traveler you think you are.


Here’s a list of a few you mate have run into already. 

Han Solo Yolo – millennial backpacker

The Proclaimer – Hikers that would walk 500miles just to tell everyone about it

Bali Bangers – only goes to Bali and calls all the taxi drivers Ketut

Does it have a Kids Club? – annual family holiday and we mean the whole family, Mom, Dad, Uncle Ted, Grandma Shaz and your third cousin Damo, twice removed. 

The Cruiser – been on every boat, seen every buffet, slept in every inside cabin

Danger is my middle name – has ridden the death road 8 times and done every bungee in the world


  • Create your own type of traveler and comment below .